Looking for Service for Your Vehicle?

Whether you drive an older model car or a brand-new truck or SUV, all vehicles have one thing in common: they require maintenance and repair. When that time comes, why not treat your vehicle to one of the best service centers in the area?

At Reagor Dykes Direct Auto of Dallas, we have a wide inventory of new vehicles and used vehicles for sale, true. But did you know that we also offer an on-site service center? It's staffed by highly-trained automotive technicians who are ready and able to take care of your vehicle's needs.


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Enjoy a Used Car Lease Deal at Reagor Dykes Direct Auto of Dallas

When you think of leasing, do you immediately assume your only option is to drive new? If so, that's because used car leases are often overlooked or considered unavailable. Fortunately, we can help you take advantage of lower payments and used car lease incentives.

At Reagor Dykes Direct Auto of Dallas, we offer drivers the best of both worlds. You can choose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle from us, and and enjoy leasing it.


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Choose from a Wide Inventory of Used Cars at Our Dealership

When you're in the market for a used car, truck or SUV, where are you going to go? If you want a great deal, an excellent selection to choose from, and friendly service there is only one place to visit: Reagor Dykes Direct Auto of Dallas.

Here, you'll find a lot jam-packed with fantastic deals on great pre-owned vehicles. Are you in the market for a rugged pickup truck? Looking for a convenient and roomy SUV? Want a steady, comfortable sedan or a sporty coupe? Then look no further.

It's our pleasure to serve drivers from the…

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Buy Used and Enjoy the Many Benefits

Have you ever made a decision that you’d been hesitant about, only to find how much it affected you in a positive way? Maybe it was joining the local health club, choosing to travel to a new location for your family’s annual vacation, or buying a vehicle.

At Reagor Dykes Direct Auto of Dallas, we believe you’ll have that very same experience when you choose to purchase a used car from us. Why? Because the benefits are enormous!


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Leasing Pre-Owned Vehicles in Addison

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When you have chosen the perfect pre-owned model, that fits your driving needs and personality, your next step will be finding a way to finance that vehicle.

One of the ways you can finance said vehicle is through leasing. Leasing is a perfect way to pay for the ability to drive a vehicle without having to worry about taking out an auto loan. Leasing is also a good option for drivers who need a means of transportation, but do not want to own their own vehicle.

Moreover, leasing a vehicle can sometimes be more affordable than financing.

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